Yes, I' m alive.

Yes, I'm alive, even if I don't write often.
To tell you the truth it's not my fault...
It's because I'm pregnant!
It's a big happy news, me and my husband (and the whole families and friends) are very very joyful and we feel so blessed!
Anyway pregnancy has got it's own side-effects...
I can't even think about food and recipes, even in abstract, because I suddenly feel so sick so I can't really face to update a food related blog :P.
I'm also quite tired and listless, I suppose it will gettin' better soon, I hope you don't stop checking this page!
With love,

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  1. Auguroni! I haven't commented on your excellent blog before, but with such sweet news, I had to!

  2. congratulations!!

    maybe you can try some ginger or some gummy-bear...
    Also, ayurveda seems to have some good recipes for pregnant women.
    I personally found very hard to eat anything at all during the first three months of my first pregnancy, though.

    Sleep whenever you can and think positive.Should you need some hints or support or whatever, just let me know...

    check this pages


  3. I like your site since I'm such a food lover and Italian food is my favorite!!

    What are you making this Thanksgiving? Are you able to find time while you are pregnant?

    Anyways, you might want to wear something cool this Thanksgiving. I will. I'm thinking of wearing a turkey - http://www.mooncostumes.com/item/18631. It must be fun!

    Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks everybody!
    I'm having an hard time with sickness but the pregnancy is going well!
    Hailey in Italy we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, it's not in our tradition and thinking about the history of the holiday I guess it's normal^^.
    Anyway today I'll post something nice and quick to give a touch to that moment...
    Italian way of course!^^