Salone del gusto 2012, Turin.

I had so much fun attending this important food-related event, I've been so lucky to enjoy the perfect organization of tastings and cooking shows made by Pasta Garofalo and the breakfast workshop at Lavazza training center.
I met some beloved food-blogger from my country and many food-lovers from different countries, I introduced, with a producer from Acetaia del Cristo, the great tradition and taste of traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena and I bought some thigs I've never seen before like beer jelly (a great treat with cheeses, sweet breads and others), hops' cream ( to make bruschetta or to season pasta), wild roses' ketchup (it's fantastic!) and I've tasted so many nice typical food presided over by Slowfood.
I really hope to repeat soon an experience like this, can't say how grateful I am to all the people who made all this possible.

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