Milk liquor.

This is a liquor made in the South of italy, in a very small and not well-known abroad region called Molise.
You can drink it, I made and tried it but, according to me, it gives its best into cakes and cookies and sweets in general.
It's not difficult to believe, it's made of milk, lemon and vanilla so it gives your sweet a great flavour!

17 oz. whole milk

17 oz. pure liquor alcool

18 oz. granulated sugar

1/2 organic lemon

1 vanilla pod

In a big bottle or airtight container pour all the ingredients (open the vanilla pod and scratch the seeds).
Keep it for 15 days or more (even a month) in a dark place, shake it now and then.
Filter with a very fine sifter and pour in a bottle.
You will see the liquor stratified: the lighter part on the top, the cream on the bottom: it's ok, just shake before use.
Soon I'll post a recipe for cupcakes made with this liquor, honoring the region of Molise as I did with Sicily: stay tuned! 

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