The perfect tomato sauce (Sugo di pomodoro)

Let's start from the basics ;)
As many know tomato sauce is one of the most important thing in Italian cooking: it's perfect when plain with pasta, it's the base for amatriciana, ragu' alla bolognese and other worldwide famous dishes.
How to make the perfect sauce?
Of course the quality of the "sugo"can't be indipendent from the tomato quality.
According to me MUTTI sauce is the best on the Italian market, truly I don't know if it's avaliable abroad too.
For 3 persons I usually use half a bottle of sauce (350 gr.), you can anyway count about 100 gr. of souce/person.
Cover the bottom of a pot with olive oil (extra virgin olive oil, I always use that in my recipes if not specified) and add a garlic clove crushed gently with the side of a large knife.
Let the garlic get blonde (no black!! it's bitter!) then add a sprinkle of salt (how much only your taste can say;) ) then 2/3 leaves of fresh basil (yes you can use the dry one or the frozen chopped one but to have the best you must use the most fresh ingredients) and the sauce.
Lower the fire under the pot at minimum, mix once then let it cook for at least one hour.
Tomato sauce needs a long cook, it's not a well known detail.
of course pay attention not to burn it:)
The sauce is ready to use on pasta (spaghetti, penne, maccheroni) with a bit of fresh grated parmesan, or on a slice of good toasted bread, you can store the sauce into the fridge for 1-2 days.
GREEK TOUCH: at the end of the cooking, minutes before tourn off fire add some cubes of feta cheese and dissolve them in the sauce.
use it on pasta...
It's simply delicious!

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