Today is time for a first course recipe.
It's quick, really savoury and saffron gives that chic touch that's never out of place.

This recipe is for 4 serves:

1 pound pasta ( short and big shape like rigatoni, fusilli, farfalle...)

8 oz. fresh sausage

1 bag saffron powder

1/2 cup fresh milk cream

salt and pepper

1 small onion chopped in tiny pieces

1 glass white dry wine

In a large saucepan fry lightly onion chops with a little oil then broke inside the pan the sausage in grains.
Let it cook and add the wine.
Meanwhile cook pasta "al dente".
When sausage is well cooked add milk cream and low the fire.
Let it simmer for few minutes and then add saffron: mix untill the sauce is evenly yellow.
Add salt and/or pepper if needed.
Drain pasta and pour into the saucepan.
Mix with the sauce on fire for a couple of minutes then serve.

Here we start to feel spring in the air, this dish is a sort of last cooking goodbye to winter and I'm quite happy because, even if I love cold and snow, this year we had too much of both.

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  1. One of my favourite pasta sauces...Pity I'm on the diet!! ^_^