People from Emilia- Romagna are just like that.

People from Emilia-Romagna are just like that.
They need a car? They build a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or a Maserati.
They need a motorbike? They build Ducati
They want cheese? They make Parmigiano
They need to create a quick pasta dish? They open a Barilla factory
They want a good coffee? They open a Saeco factory
They need some good songwriters? They give birth to people such as Dalla, Vasco, Morandi and Ligabue.
They need tiles? They end up with beautiful majolica tiles
They are just like the Japanese: they never stop, if they have to do something they make sure to do it in the most perfect, beautiful and useful way for everyone.
Will there be bricks available after this earthquake? They’ll end up using them to build cathedrals!

This is a translation of a piece from " Il Resto del Carlino", thanks to Silvia Somaggio, she helped me translating it the best way.

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