Nocino ( Walnuts liquor).

Tradition says if you want to make nocino you have to pick up walnuts the night between 23rd and 24th of June, the night of San Giovanni, often called "witches' night".
Walnuts are still green and not good to eat but the result of your liquor will be great.
This is a old family recipe but not from my family so I have to thank a friend for it :)

With this recipe you'll make about 34 oz. of nocino.

24 walnuts

34 oz. alcool (the one you use for liquor)

1 teaspoon grinded cinnamon

5 cloves

a piece of dry lemon zest

a piece of dry orange zest


35 oz. sugar

3,5 oz. alcool (the one you use for liquor)

Cut the walnuts in 4 parts, put them in a mason jar with zests and spices plus 34 oz. of alcool.
Let it rest for 40 days in a dark place.
After 40 days make a syrup with the sugar and about the same quantity of hot water and 3,5 oz. of alcool.
When the sugar dissolved pour the syrup into the jar, let it rest again for 20 days.
After 20 days filter it with a fine strainer, pour it in bottles.
It will be ready after 1-2 months.

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