Back from holidays.

Yesterday we landed to Milano Malpensa after a long month of holidays, we had a nice time but sadly my grandma passed away while I was abroad and with no chance to come back.
The most important thing is that Lorenzo had a very very fun days made of swimming, playing, eating ice-creams...
A real toddler's dream.
Now that we're back I had to spend some time cleaning home and clothes washing plus a big groceries shopping  because my fridge is very similar to the one in the photo!

Anyway from the first days of september I'll be ready to cook again: I bought some food magazine from Australia and U.S.A. and a book about Thai fried rices I think I'll have so many things to try this autumn.

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  1. Bentornata!! Il frigo vuoto è l'incubo di Luciano!ahahahaaha