Fake fish ( finto pesce).

This is an old recipe often made on Christmas holidays, it comes from Genoa and it's a classic lowly dish but it's so easy and tasty!
Don't mind if you don't have a fish mould, I don't too but I used a simple plum-cake pan.
You can serve it with green salad and have a perfect lunch/dinner.
You can use less mayonnaise or a light version or even no mayo at all, just some milk.

36 oz potatoes

10 tablesp.  mayonnaise

2 cans of tuna in oil (drained)

1 tablesp. capers

6 anchovies

1 bunch of parsley

lemon zest to taste

salt and pepper

2 boiled eggs

Boil potatoes untill tender, peel them and mash with a potato masher.
In a mixer blend anchovies, tuna, capers, lemon zest, parsley and eggs, when potatoes are cold add the mixture and the mayo, then salt and pepper to taste.
If it's not creamy enough just add more mayo or some milk, pour in a mold or a pan covered with a baking sheet and then cover with cling.
Let it rest in fridge for at least 6 hours (but not more than 24 as it's easy to spoil because of mayo).

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  1. I've never tried this dish before but sounds interesting. Thank you for joining out Motivational Mondays Linkup Party!