Rome sweet Rome

I'm back from the stunning city of Rome.

It's so beautiful, so full of history and heritage that sometimes you feel overwhelmed.

I know Rome is a target for many tourists worldwide so I'll give you the site of the hotel (bed and breakfast) where we stayed.

It's between Coliseum and Fori imperiali, in the heart of the city (you can visit main attractions like Trevi fountain, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona and many others on foot, anyway the metro station is near).
You can book directly from the site, they don't have a breakfast room but they'll give you a prepayed ticket and with this you can have a good breakfast in the bar right under the hotel.

It's also quite cheap, it's not a luxury hotel or a pretentious one but it's clean, quiet at night, with anything you need to recover from your visits around the city.

I hope I gave a good hint for your next trip! ^^

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