After bad flu I passed an Easter with toothache.
The result is a tooth extraction (don't know the name in english, you not those awful teeth that comes when you grow up? so painful).
Now I've got a face that is twice the normal size, a bad pain and I'm not eating anything harder than baby food.
Passed the week end with ice bag on the cheek :S
You can figure I can't think about cooking at the moment =.=



I didn't post for so long but I had a bad flu, I'm very sick and weak and thinking about food makes me feel...ugh!


Fennel gratin (Finocchi al gratin).

 Inspired by a request from a member of DC (Discuss cooking) today I post the recipe to use in a tasty way fennels.
Chop each fennel in four, then boil them in salty hot water untill they're soft.
Put them in a pirex pan with thin slice of butter and cover with grated parmesan.
Let them golden under the grill and serve.
If you want to add taste and softness you can use bechamel instead of butter: cover fennels and mix well then use parmesan.
You can do the same with boiled cauliflower, it's fantastic!
It's a light alternative to pasta al forno or a tasty side dish.