Zucchini and saffron farfalle.

A delicious pasta dish, easy to prepare but with a sophysticated allure due to the basil and lemon notes.
It's seriously one of my favourite for the spring-summer season.

Ingredients for 4:

14 oz. pasta (farfalle but you can also use fusilli or penne)

3 oz. creamy cheese like robiola or philadelphia

3 small zucchini

1 bag saffron powder

2 tablespoon extravirgin olive oil

salt & pepper

4-5 basil leaves

lemon zest

Cut zucchini in small dices, sautee in a pan with oil, salt and pepper.
When zucchini are golden add saffron, mix then add the cheese and the basil leaves roughly cutted, mix again.
Bring salted water to boil then cook your pasta, drain it and pour into the pan with 2-3 tablespoon of cooking water.
Turn the fire on and mix very well.
Put your pasta into dishes then add lemon zest on top.
Can't be easier uh!?


Cheese cigars.

This is a quick-quick-quick appetizer recipe, you can put the cheese you prefer inside, in the picture you can see cheddar because that was the cheese I had at home at the moment but they're fabulous with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese too or parmesan, a little mozzarella and rosemary.
You need:

toast bread in slices

same amount of cheese slices or diced mozzarella and tomato sauce

a little butter

Cut out the crust from bread slices, pass them under a rollpin to flatten then put on every slice a slice of cheese or a little tomato and mozzarella.
Roll the cigars, melt a small amount of butter in a pan then cook untill golden (first the seam side down to prevent them from open).
Serve hot, if you make the tomato-mozzarella version be aware that the filling will pour a little more than with plain cheese.