White chocolate ricotta mousse with coffee.

I was editing this recipe from my Italian blog for a contest and suddenly I thought I didn't post it here.
It's so simple and delicious I can't avoid to share it with you, it's 6 servings the size of an espresso cup as you see in the photo.

1 cup 1/4 fresh ricotta cheese (better if it's buffalo's ricotta but plain one is ok anyway)

1/2 cup white chocolate

3-4 ladyfingers or plain biscuits you can soak

1/2 cup espresso coffee

Melt chocolate bain-marie or into the microwave at very low temperature, with a beater beat ricotta cheese until fluffy then add melted chocolate while you're still beating.
Taste the cream, I think it's sweet enough but you can add a tablespoon or two of icing sugar to taste, always while beating.
beat until there are no lumps and the cream is smooth then soak biscuits divided in small pieces in cold coffee and put a piece in every cup.
With a spoon or better with a sac-a-poche pour the cream inside the cups.
You can store it in the fridge (1 day max.) or into the freezer (3 weeks max., remove them in advance from freezer before serving).
You can decorate with chocolate coffee beans and coffee powder or cocoa powder but just before serving.