Fried fish mix ( Fritto misto di pesce)

This recipe is a must of holiday dinners, expecially in my zone ( Rimini- Adriatic Riviera).

It's so tasty, surely not dietetic but you know, when you're on holiday calories don't count...

You can see whole families at restaurants sharing generous portions of this fried mix: the most common mix is made of shrimps and squid rings but you can add anchovies (fresh, not salted), little fish of any kind, even some vegetables like courgettes' sticks.

For 4 serves you need:

7 oz. squid rings

7 oz. cleaned shrimps (just leave tails)

5 oz. anchovies

5 oz. courgettes chopped in sticks


2 lemons


frying oil

If the fish is wet dry it with kitchen paper, pass it in the flour and shake a little to keep exceeding flour off.
Do the same with courgettes' sticks.

Fry fish and vegetable in a large pan filled with hot frying oil, not too much fish altogether, rember that courgettes need few minutes more than fish to get ready.

Drain the oil putting the fried fish on kitchen paper, add salt and serve immediately with lemon segments.
In Italy there are many different fried mix, this is the most famous but sooner or later I'll post even others ^^.


Tomato salad with greek yogurt ( Insalata di pomodori con yogurt greco)

I keep on going with summer and easy recipes, this one is so tasty according to me.

It remember me of my summers at university where I share an apartment not far from the sea with some Greek and English students: we had so much fun together, parties, tea times, plain dinners that became a fancy mix of food from our countries.

Now I start to become over-sentimental so let's go with the salad!

You can decide measures quite roughly, don't need weights :)

You need:

red and ripe tomatoes, I usually prefer San Marzano (the ones long and thin with less seeds that you can see in the picture)

fresh basil leaves


pepper if you like

extra-virgin olive oil

a garlic clove if you like

greek yogurt, how much it depends on how many you are but I use roughly a big spoon of yogurt for each serve

Cut tomatoes in tiny cubes, put them in a bowl with their sauce, add salt, pepper, oil, garlic and the basil leaves well washed.

Mix well, add the greek yogurt, mix again and let rest in fridge for about a couple of hours mixing now and then.

Greek yogurt is really thick but mixed with oil and tomato sauce it will get dilute and your tomatoes will be covered with a tasty creamy sauce, quick and really healthy!
It's perfect with grilled meat or fish, with hamburgers or other dishes.


Salami nests (cestini di salame)

Today I'm going to post a salami-based recipe.

This is because I've seen my recipe of chocolate salami posted on a site that celebrate the day of salami ( http://www.salamiday.com/ ).

I'm proud when I get quoted and I decided to add another sami-related idea.

This is too easy to be called recipe but it's a great informal party idea.

You just need large diameter salami slices, thin, as many as you need and a muffin mould.

Reverse the mould on a baking pan (this is to avoid salami's grease spreading on the bottom of you oven) then put a slice of salami on each mould's dome and press a little to give the shape of a little basket/nest.

Put in the oven for 10 minutes at 325 F°, the salami must be thick and crispy when you take it out of the oven.

Gently take the slices off the mould and now you can fill them with...

Whatever you want I can say.

Chips, olives, cheese cubes, mushrooms salad, russian salad...

Of course the nests must be prepared not too early and keep them fresh stored!


Potado cutlets ( Patacotolette)

I'm back!

Tired and sick of this hot wheather (hot douring the week then raining on the week ends I plan to spend to the seaside...Lucky me) but relaxed enough to translate and post a new recipe.

This is quite unusual but funny, nice for children and quite healthy if you use a good frying oil and don't let it burn.

For 4 serves you need:

4 chicken breast's slices

1 potado, grated raw

2 eggs

7 oz. breadcrumb

2 tablespoons grated Parmesan


frying oil

Prepare the crumble mixing grated potado, breadcrumb, cheese and salt.

Beat the 2 eggs apart then dip the slices in.

Once they're egg-covered pass them in the crumble, then once again in the beaten eggs then a last time in the crumble pressing a little with hands to stick the crumble at best.

Fry in a lot hot frying oil, serve with a green salad and a lemon slice.

So easy and quick!

You can of course change the kind of meat: turkey, veal or pork are suitable; you can also use grated Pecorino cheese instead of Parmesan.


Back from Milan!

Oh what a nice week end Ihad in Milan!
Took the chance to see the Monet exhibition at Palazzo Reale, then I've just spent my time with friends, I had the luck to gather some of the best friends I have there and now I'm just a little bit in the doldrums because I have very few occasion to see them douring the year.
As soon as possible I'll start again with recipe posting, meanwhile I wish you a good week!


Very busy!

In this period I haven't so much time to update my blogs: sometimes I write on the Italian one ( http://www.pavellina.splinder.com/) because of course writting in italian is easier and quicker.
To tell you the truth, work speaking, it's a very "empty" moment but just because of it I took so many different commitments from everyday swimming-pool course to some medical visits, from a friends-dedicated week end in Milan to cookie cooking for a hen party of a friend of my sister-in-law.
Less work but a lot more to do.
It seems impossible but I swear it's true!
Now I'm preparing a nice recipe, one of the first I ever posted in this blog: http://italiankitchensecrets.blogspot.com/2008/04/vegetable-pastries-fagottini-con.html .
I hope my DH will be pleased, he loves them!
See you soon!